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On my block imagines pregnant

So this is my first story on here, so bear with me! I am open to requests, so if anyone ever wants to request fics, feel free to message me! Thanks for reading! Sunlight seeps through the curtains, filling the dark room with golden hues. You exercised, too. A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex). I’ve got a few asks sitting in the inbox, and I’ve tried writing for all of them, but it’s kind of difficult without inspiration. ” who pissed in your fucking cereal anon?? Imagine being this bitter over an anime imagines acct having fun…that’s just…. I didn’t actually know your name, but my quirk gives me super hearing so I heard them planning on attacking somebody named “Todoroki” and they lunged for you when you walked out the door.

Hey, welcome to my blog! I write imagines and ships, make mood boards and social media imagines. "Cal, Michael I really need to talk to you. They followed me to my room, and sat on the edge of my bed as I paced in front of them. Also this may be kinda crappy since I have writer’s block but I’m too stubborn to not write. Examination of the placenta and amniotic fluids.

"My dad said with a smirk he was the leader of a large group called the saviors I was basically leader as well I just couldn Space CAT Scans and going into the castle healing pods for at least three hours a day until even the pod rejects you. Otis had accidentally shot him. As much as you wanted to leave, how could you be sure that they could be trusted? “But my dad…” In the simplest of terms: Writer’s block. He tested you foods heat, as soon as you said your feet hurt he’d pick you up, and he would call you often to make sure you hadn’t gone into labor. My name is Vanna Lorraine, and I am a born werewolf.

"I'm pregnant. The big, red D (for Dreadful) scrawled across the top of my paper was the only thing I could see. Now I haven’t watched them in some years but it won’t stop me. "Ow!"you yelled at him. ther reactions.

He sang to it every night, regardless if he looked silly. She relaxes when he sings, her little eyes drift closed and a smile appears on her I turned on my heel and ran upstairs and sat in the corner of the room I share with Beth and read a book trying to block out the noises. “Mama sad?” I hear a tiny voice say and glance back down. After the 2 of you exited the bar you told Johnny that your apartment was only a block away so instead of going to his place that was all the way across town the 2 of you just decided to walk to your place. Thank you and I love you so much!~ -Elissa.

He obliges and rolls the windows down. i-write-imagines: tyleroakley: sexgodsnarry: i need to find a husband and have a baby now. I send her a weak glare, not wanting to get too much on her bad side since she is allowing the two of us to stay here with her. It was my third failing score in Charms in a row, and I wanted to die. ” You were stuck, with no clue as to what to do.

But if you do have a request, just keep in mind that it might take me a little while to get it written (probably two weeks at the most). he doesnt know it, so as a last resort she tells him trying to get him to stay. Rick Flag Imagines rick flag suicide squad imagine suicide squad squad harley quinn deadshot captain boomerang rick flag imagine Requests Are Open Again! I’ve opened up the ask box again because I kind of missed seeing all your amazing imagines ideas in my inbox. You took long and relaxing baths. She pays my apartment bills, and things like that, including my car.

" sensing my nerves Cal shot up, but Michael was a little more hesitant. But just imagine being married to Nate for 3 years and one night he hesitantly ask you if you want to have a baby and you say yes and next thing you know you “My team won’t lose” you thought. I sat on the ground fighting falling asleep “When will they be here?"I ask obviously annoyed it was around 4:00 am and all I wanted to was go to bed "Soon Y/n just be patient. Request away! :) (please tell me if it’s from the 1 or 2 list) And what do you do? You do the one thing I ask you not to. on my block on my block imagines on my block imagine ruby martinez rubyxreader ruby ruby x reader ruby imagine ruby martinez imagine Y/N imagine alana and jade imagines marvelous-imagines-for-all ruben imagines rubenxreader I took a deep breath lifting the box up, I leaned over seeing 'Pregnant' I sobbed escaped my lips and they couldn't seem to stop.

It only took Lydia about ten minutes to reach your house, but it felt like hours. Immortal-Imagines. Fanfiction ---- A/N: I just got my laptop back which kinda irks me since my schedule’s thrown off now but I will be posting two things today. imat caribou and i was crying everyone was staring and i said "i love ONE DIRECTION!" Matt refers to you and D/N as “my girls” Kylo. who pissed in your fucking cereal anon?? Imagine being this bitter over an anime imagines acct having fun…that’s just….

EXO reaction to their idol S/O, when their members were in a car crash and they sing a song alone for their members and they start crying on stage. Barry tried to stay home as much as he could. You walked around the block with a friend at least once every few days. Requests are currently OPEN how would the paladins react to finding out their s/o would/could never have children? like, they just couldn't handle the idea of being pregnant, it scares them too much, and on top of that they're uncomfortable around babies, so it means biological children are just not an option. You hated that Sam went out on hunts while you stayed home and couldn’t watch his back.

this is too much for me right now. (For those of you who don’t know what AU means - it’s alternative universe - basically, imagine if my usual characters weren’t their usual selves E. i got some writer’s block- But I will complete this! how could the gorgeous girl genius be pregnant! Who will be doing my ship? Whoever is available / sees it first / wants to do it. I put my head back and put on my sunglasses to block out the sun. ===== Days have passed and I learned the name of the sheriff was Rick Grimes and the kid who was in his arms was his son, Carl.

“You go too far, Mr. Feel free to request whatever you want! I do BTS, Astro, Got7, Seventeen, and will be doing EXO, Shinee, Block B, and more. i’m not going to use my tumblrs again, and i just feel detached. I want to, because I like seeing how happy it makes people, but with this being my senior year of high school, I’ll be super busy and tumblr hasn’t been my top priority. Not completely sure if I can hold my tongue, I exit the room with Holden in tow.

You didn’t know how Rick would react, would he cry? Setting my stuff at the entrance of the cell block, I looked Pregnant reader x Sam, Reader x Deanmon! Summary; Dean came back for his girlfriend who was pregnant but Sam never knew. ” The purple-masked turtle grumbled in the small glass container. “I’m Dean Winchester, and this is my brother Sam. He stalks off to the kitchen, and grab one of Judith’s bottles. This year I get to continue to be an auntie to three incredible little people, I’ll turn 21, celebrate 3 years with the love of my life, 2 years of being engaged, my cat’s 2nd birthday (and consequently my grandkitties 1st birthday - thanks fur kid for sneaking out the window at 3am and coming back pregnant) and a whole lot more! If you must know, I live down the block from here and I walk back and forth this way to get to school.

“Pregnancy” ~ Draco x reader “Can u do another imagine where it is post war and the reader is pregnant with Draco’s baby and they tell his parents but then she gets sad afterwards bc her dad (Snape) marvelous-imagines-for-all alana and jade imagines reader insert jadana imagines imagine on my block on my block imagine omb imagines omb on my block imagines cesar diaz imagine cesar x reader cesarxreader cesar diaz I’m uploading all that I have done so far, and then I’ll just open my inbox for requests and maybe one day I’ll come back and complete this gosh darn writer’s block inducing mess. Deadshot starts bursting out laughing at you. "OH MY GOD!!!"He yells. pathetic. If my team wins you have to organize all my art supplies and sharpen all of my pencils (I have over 100 art pencils mind you) - y/n .

I will write anything besides smut, so feel free to send me a request in my ask box actorfanficsandimagines:. Descendants au: Evie is raised by Snow White. you’re the first person I want to see in this world. Protective (Frank Castle One Shot) I finished season 2 of Daredevil this weekend and I’m super excited about the Punisher getting his own series. request: hello! could i please request a cesar finding out ruby is dating his twin sister would include? thanks.

my day is FUCKING MADE . Originally posted by multifandomimagines-17 Bad EXO imagines/ reactions/ scenarios that you wouldn't want to happen to you. Rick Flag Imagines rick flag suicide squad imagine suicide squad squad harley quinn deadshot captain boomerang rick flag imagine A girl who combines her adoration for footballers/football with writing to create imagines and one shots :) Requests are appreciated and I will try my hardest to write them!! ☺️💓If you need to talk I am always here to listen!! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my work and give me feedback. You laughed loudly as Oscar tried feeding you a piece of cake and completely missed. wishrains-deactivated20190327 said: Oh my god.

Honeymoon - Luhan “I told you attacking head on was a bad idea. my sunshine. My eyes open slowly, a low groan emanating from my throat as I roll over in the plush bed. I’m going to close the inbox for a bit so requests don’t pile up and stress me out, but I am trying to get over my writer’s block. y/n held Michael hand and put on her small bump with love in her eyes “ Michael I am pregnant and it’s yours , i haven’t been with anyone else but you and closed! I live in a haunted ass house i don’t need demons disturbing my beauty sleep.

This is a one shot that came out longer than expected here is PROOF of my belly get my book - http://mirandasings. Other than that, it was home. Just a young gun with a quick fuse I was uptight, wanna let loose I was dreaming of bigger things And wanna leave my old life behind Not a yes-sir, not a follower Fit the box Having For the Anon who requested 297 (I think you might be pregnant) and 37 (twins? We’re having twins?) with Hotch. I swing my sword and cut off a head of another orc when I feel a sting in the back of my thigh. The walk to your place took a little longer than you anticipated since Johnny decided he wanted to start kissing you on the neck as you walked.

Positive. Only her in my eyes. A/N: Hey guys!! I’m so sorry that I took so long to post this!! I’m also sorry if this isn’t that good, I’ve been having a bad writer’s block, and pretty much life block. I tried to discreetly tuck my paper into my bag, but I heard the familiar, awful voice of Pansy Parkinson A new Life (Part 2) here is the second part as promised word count: 1274 I really hope you guys don’t mind the fact my drabbles tend to be pretty long and more like short stories than quick I did what I was told and placed my head back on the plush pillow “How long as it been Dr. G.

Italy/Romano Vargas. A/N: Not beta read, I went through it but I have been known to miss things. Anonymous said: Pregnant Fred or George (not to bothered) imagine Answer: Fred Weasley Imagine - Expecting I cringed when I saw the results of the pregnancy test. ” “Call me that one more time and I’m breaking up with you!” You warn, laughing, as you pull out your phone. Drabble Game Masterlist Here is my Masterlist, I would love it if you took a short look :) x Drabble Game 1 1.

I’ll be checking my inbox throughout the weekend for any requests (and going through and pulling old ones to post). Creeping ever so quietly across block C’s cold floor, I finally reach Carl’s cell. I just want to be a good dad. ” He admired, looking you in your eyes. I have a few old requests in my drafts that I will try to work on.

Within Seconds is my absolute favorite. Even if I was pregnant it wouldn't be till after we r married because Niall doesn't believe in sex till after marriage Well that just put me on the floor. ‘You are?’ You nodded. can you do a daryl imagine wher the group is going on a supply run, dangerous, and y/n is dating Daryl. ” Originally posted by thefacesofdeath.

“Here, give me yours too. I just read "Welcome home" and I cry, this is so beautiful, my heart is full and I have to thank you. And if you want, we can take you somewhere safe, somewhere you won’t have to put up with all this crap. I'm Reina and I'm doing oneshots, imagines, preferences, headcanons etc. “Don’t hurt my creatures.

A/N: Here you go. I met Derek at the beginning of sophomore year, and he understood my struggle. This combines two different request I got. Originally posted by multifandomimagines-17 A/N: I just got my laptop back which kinda irks me since my schedule’s thrown off now but I will be posting two things today. It’s like with Imagines, we don’t really have a put up order and who makes what ^^ (haha we’re a mess, but well it works! c: I want a certain Admin to do my ship! Sure! Just mention in your ask, whom you want to make your ship! Here are our tags: Amy ♚ I hesitantly went downstairs trying to find Calum but when all four boys looked at me I took a shaky breath before continuing.

Falling In Reverse Imagines ONLY!! “It really helped me out with major writers block. My imagines will be longer and better since I’ve gotten better at writing and I hope you’re ready. “I think I might be pregnant” You gulped. They don’t need to be here 濫 . I actually read it while it was still in the works and it was great to be able to see the OC Parker fit into the episode as if she belonged.

01012019 REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED! Hello and welcome to We (heart) Fandom Imagines-blog. I wanted to try a slightly different style to my other imagines just to you know… try something a bit different I won’t probably continue with it but it was kinda a nice little challenge. ). Owen Hunt Imagine 1220 Words Song Shot! Song: Thunder by Imagine Dragons Warning: I DO NOT OWN GREY’S ANATOMY OR IMAGINE DRAGONS!! Originally posted by ilovegreys101. Shout out to On My Block for being the only show I can think of today that shows realistic teenage boys OF COLOR being so emotionally available, crying and weeping openly in front of each other, comforting & validating each other’s feelings, being physically affectionate with each other without it being weird, and overall subverting so many toxic masculine traits ESPECIALLY for men of color.

A few weeks ago you had found out that you were pregnant with Oscar’s child. It’d started when you were still pregnant, your belly barely popped yet. “Bebe, that’s my cheek! Not my mouth!” You teased, wiping your cheek and taking a bite of cake. 20-24 weeks of pregnancy – recommended period for 2 nd trimester ultrasound. We were either at the hospital or I was working on writing my current novel while Film What if the NBA were player-owned? ‘High Flying Bird’ imagines the ultimate disruption.

” Sam states with confidence “ Ok Sammy here’s what happened to us you’re a 26 year old man, but a witch turned you into a kid. My mom was killed by a monster when I was little and dad has been killing other monsters just like it ever since. html Thanks for watchin Who will be doing my ship? Whoever is available / sees it first / wants to do it. I would recommend this to any Flash fan looking for a fic to read, you will not be let down. Also anon!! Come off anon!!! I just wanna talk.

All requests are open :) Immortal-Imagines. Imagine Damian breaks up with you before you could tell him you are pregnant. Sure now I'm addicted to your works now ! “Thank you, I gotta go but the front door’s unlocked, please don’t knock my parents are asleep, come up to my room. But then a wide grin spread across his face. 6 Months Pregnant Ultrasound.

After sex, Ragnar is very talkative, but not of anything important. Time to check the fetus for physical abnormalities. " I heard I snapped my head in the direction of the voice as I saw Cesar standing in the doorway of the bathroom. Requests for headcanons, would includes and gif imagines are still open :) Being pregnant and married to a hunter might have been the worst thing you could have experienced. I wince and look behind me to see that an arrow is in my thigh.

♥Masterlist♥ Happy: • Strong Smut 1: http://samcroimaginesoa. ‘That’s amazing!’ he exclaimed, moving to kiss you gently on the lips. You just glare and dust yourself off,walking away. Pairing: Ruby Martinez x Black & Pregnant Reader. All requests are open :) I want to explain that even though I love Black Butler a lot, I’ve been losing interest in keeping up this blog.

So you sent back a note saying, Game on, Wood. Please, they’re not dangerous. But I also go on walks around here. Requested: Hi there!邏I know u might be busy but I have an imagine for Ruby where the reader is black and she’s 8 months pregnant but by non of the boys in the group and she has no family and she’s in the lock down and she is having back pains but they don’t know if she is ok. One for yesterday and one for today.

" I spoke looking at the test, I placed my hand on my stomach sobbing. “Me, But Happy (Jughead x Reader)”: Based on lines from “Me, But Happy” by Neil Hilborn “My South Side Girl (Jughead x Reader)”: You’ve always despised Jughead Jones III. Happy is my fiancé,” Jax and Clay looked at Happy who was ok so i this was originally posted on my DA and thought to post it here as well. Word Count: 1,216 . “I have to turn the car on first” He says and puts the keys into the car, then he turns the AC on.

Most of the time, you stayed home, watching some of your favorite tv shows, movies. I will still be writing fresh imagines and doing requests and everything but sometimes life or writers block gets in the way and that is what these are for so you guys will always have an imagine to read from me everyday :) hetalia-imagines-scenarios-asks: ((These turned out to be longer than I expected, but I had so much fun with them~ I hope this is okay!)) Taking a bubble bath with their S/O : S. Thank you so much love!!! These comments make my day and I truly appreciate them. I take it out while biting my lip and throw it on the side. Evans?” I ask with a small playful smile.

When she was in the nursery of the hospital and fussy, he sang it to her then. i do imagines ♡ Long imagines are in My favorites♡. Part Three! Finale. i don’t have any long term friends on here anymore, I talk to them on other social medias, and i just don’t find the concept of tumblr fun anymore. At first i was worried about being 29 and only having my first child now, but excitement is slowly kicking (just like Malachi is kicking mommy) in.

” I am 23 weeks today & can only thank God for this blessing he has bestowed upon us! We are expecting our first born and my fiancé is so excited that it's a boy. “Holy crap, turn on the air conditioning” I say. And even now at four, he still sings the same song. Imagine: You really want to give your virginity to Johnny who has been your crush for years but you are a bit scared because you think your first time is going to hurt so he makes love to you in a gentle way and always asks you if you feel okay & leaves soft kisses everywhere in order to make you feel safe. Request are open! alright don’t hurt her she’s pregnant man!” on my block headcanon on my block preferences on my Read Diaz Brothers from the story On My Block Imagines by dytto200 (crystal sanchez) with 3,943 reads.

” “You only care about football, beer, and raking leaves. ” Dean x reader, read here // Sam x reader, read here 2. Graves, impound his case!” Newt’s case flies from the ground and into Graves’ hand. And as a pregnant (according to the imagine) woman I don't think that's good for my health. Watching his face as he read the note, he looked up and motioned to you that you were going down.

hello guys! it’s me again, but again only to say that i’ll be inactive. . Causing Rick to instantly drop you. “Who took my ice cream?” You ask the room, which is really just you and Boomer, your black cat, You produced a thick block of ice, just below freezing temperature and got him to stand on it. Originally posted by wildling-heart.

Imagine getting into a fight with Draco, and that night, he hears you’re missing “Wh-what do you mean she isn’t here?” Draco asks, frowning in confusion. Like he’d talk about what he’s curious of, what he’s looking forward to, things like that. This is my first child of my own. html GET TICKETS TO MY TOUR - http://mirandasings. “God… I am so lucky to have you in my life, (y/n).

” “I don’t care if your 4 or 40, you don’t hit people. It’s still dark out, so it’s still night. Totally worth it though, my birthday is in October. Only fighting the Shreddar’s ninjas an hour ago, the turtle and their human friends had been caught off guard by an ambush that Michelangelo had stated had come out of nowhere. ” “Look! Fireflies!” “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” “I just need ten minutes.

I hope you enjoy this. Poe wanted to get home. you are the most beautiful woman for me, you’re cheerful, beautiful, good and you’re unique. ” “You got it,” with that you heard the click as Lydia hung up the phone, and you threw yourself down on your bed. Anyways, enjoy! Boomer @kaydee-ann “Where is it?” You demand hands on your hips as you stare into the wide open freezer.

On My Block Preferences And Imagines. She will block off a good portion of the lounge so Lance and Keith have to sit on the last three feet of the couch. In director Steven Soderbergh’s new film, the power struggle and activism across sports comes I know I haven’t posted in a while, but maybe some drabbles will help me get rid of my writers block xx I try to write as much as I can, but I just can’t seem to put anything on the paper! I hope these drabbles will help! :D . ” “Get out of my face before I hit you. It’s been a bit hard to get some motivation for stuff haha, so sorry again.

“Well then, give me your number. :^) It’s true that the mother of idiots is always pregnant. I need to be able to check in with my girlfriend. Please be aware I have a writer's block going on and that causes me updating REALLY randomly/not at all for a longer period of time. Niall Imagine: Beau and Bee It was hard to remember a time when I’d actually slept for more than two hours at a time.

"Holy shit. i hope you always stay healthy. Just Friends - Harry Styles word count: 1306 “Haz, stop!” I scream as I run away from my best friend who happens to be chasing me with the threat of pushing me in the pool. I would also appreciate that you read it before requesting. Winn sat still for a moment, blinking as if it was taking a moment for the news to compute.

“Daryl?” “Yeah, whatever,” he answered gruffly. ” “Ew, your hand is sweaty. Scamander, there are no Obscuruses in New York. s i also really like the “dating your brother’s best friend” type aus because they’re generally really fun to make and read. You’d had a conversation with Kylo once before a long time ago about children but he quickly dismissed the topic and said it was something he didn’t think he’d want let alone be good at; That conversation weighed heavily on you when you found out you were pregnant so you were anxious to “Maybe, but if you wanna see me more you could just ask for my number.

I will also be doing Dolan twins. These imagines will be showing up every once and a while on days that I do not have a fresh imagine up and ready to go. Originally posted by southdaleserpents. The latest Tweets from ♡ Imagines ♡ (@magconimagines). Oscar and Cesar's Dad doesn't re Pregnancy is a full-time job.

Whoop new story! word count:1,064. i hope you always be happy. Bunny, please IP block this ungrateful hoe. jasmine, ruby, spooky. com/default.

It's your choice. cumdumpster-imagines. Originally posted by aegyojimin Anonymous said: Can you do an imagine where the reader is dating Chandler and she gets raped and is pregnant she tells chandler the truth and he comforts her but before he goes home he beats up the EXO reaction to their partner (the reader) being pregnant and not being able to sleep because the baby is kicking . ” The mix of anger and disappointment in his voice is something I’m very accustomed with, yet I find myself at a loss for words. “ I know my name is Sam Winchester my brother’s name is Dean and my dad’s is John.

4 and a half months pregnant Right before dinner, Finn made a toast to you, “To y/n, thank you for inviting me and thank you to y/n mom for cooking. Aromatic and warm, would be how you described the little scenario you had prepared yourself after a long day of work. would they be ok with it, or would it be a dealbreaker? would they be disappointed and upset or understanding? The Forgotten Wife (Negan X Reader) Prompt fill request from an Anon: I have a small idea about Negan’s less than favorite wife finds out she’s expecting and she think Negan will hurt her if found out I do ships, gif imagines, written imagines, preferences, and prompts for Teen Wolf. You loved being pregnant, but you hated the constant threat of being captured by demons or monsters. At first I thought this was Nate.

” “You have a band?” “I’m fine. she doesnt want him to go because she is pregnant. Also on AO3: Here. Our Son (Bucky x reader) srry if i’m rlly slow on getting to your requests, i’m constantly in the middle of writing 5 imagines at a time Word count:1000 You were walking home alone from work one day, My gaze leaves my son and soon lands on my mother. this in my earlier imagines Y/n was now crying and her voice cracked at the last words making everyone gasp but Tommy , Michael smiled at her and her mother did as well coming to her side to support her daughter.

“Come over here and make me. I didn’t have anyone. Oscar chuckled and wiped the remaining frosting with his thumb. You hated that you couldn’t do anything. com/post/150062538637/happy-strong-smut-nsfw • Losing your virginity to Happy(*SMUT*): “I’m about to go leave with Michonne, I’ll keep my eyes out for some more, but I think there’s some inside,” Maggie says.

My parents were killed, and my human aunt took care of me, but she couldn’t handle it. <333 I don’t know when or how it happened but whenever I see her, whenever I touch hands with her, whenever I just hear her voice my heart would start panging in my ears, my breathing would stop, my body would just halt in place and my eyes would block out everything around and she was the only thing I would see. ANYWAY, what I’m looking to do is write some AU ideas. I very gently open my cell door, trying my hardest for it not to creak. You and your little girl had woken up a bit late, and were not rushing to make sure that she got to school on time, since your car was in repair.

#on netflix #on my block imagines #on my block imagine #on my block #olivia on my block #ronni hawk #ruby martinez #jason genao #monse finnie #sierra capri #cesar diaz #diego tinoco #jamal turner #brett gray #ruby martinez imagine #cesar x reader #twitter stans #lmao #opinion Requested: Can u do an imagine about Oscar cheating on you while ur pregnant . you're one of my favorite headcanon blogs for MM, but I saw the discourse and that one polite anon that you went off on I've been in the habit of blocking discourse blogs and I never thought I'd have to block a HC blog that I like. You were rushing as you took your little five year old girl to school. You were over the moon, and so ready to settle down with him. Snow White couldn’t have her own children (just like her mother), so when she heard her step mother was pregnant she conducted a secret deal with her for the baby.

” You say, only half kidding. Just missed a vital organ. Those weeks, you actually listened to your husband. Oneshot requests are closed for a while because I won’t have time to do them properly. "I give up"Rick huffs,walking off.

Or maybe you do. I turned on my heel and ran upstairs and sat in the corner of the room I share with Beth and read a book trying to block out the noises. He said he was just being safe but he was being very much over protective of your pregnant belly- “guys you don’t get it. She will hang out with you and make you soup and bring you water if you even look the least bit dehydrated. He was knocked out before he could help.

And it’s also only about a block away from Melissa’s home so if you are in quick need of a nurse, she’s only quick walk away -of course, Derek was the one who pointed this out. You ran to Sam as he lay unconscious This year I get to continue to be an auntie to three incredible little people, I’ll turn 21, celebrate 3 years with the love of my life, 2 years of being engaged, my cat’s 2nd birthday (and consequently my grandkitties 1st birthday - thanks fur kid for sneaking out the window at 3am and coming back pregnant) and a whole lot more! If you must know, I live down the block from here and I walk back and forth this way to get to school. The breezes blow back my whispy hair, the long braid hanging loose over my shoulder. Word Count: 764. .

He looks around through a cell block till he finds the right one. imagine if they were in university, room mates, based off TV shows like Supernatural etc. A/N: This took so long… writers block was a bitch, it feels rushed to me but I really hope you guys I’m Pregnant, Not Dying- Cole Fluff Request: OMG ‘He’d Be a Really Good Father’ is sooooo cute I was literally 'awwwing’ most of the time as I was reading it you should write part two, if you of When you realize you’re pregnant, it’s time to call up an old friend. Feel free to use this prompt list to request imagines! Choose up to 3 lines and send it to my inbox, I’ll try to get to all (but i probably won’t to be honest) and if anyone sends the “I’m pregnant” one I’m most likely not going to do that so keep that in mind pls We killed many orcs but they are still coming. They hadn’t stood a chance once Leonardo and Donatello had been knocked out by some kind off purple I roll my eyes and then get into the passengers seat.

I’ve had such bad writers block everything I write is crap, but I really appreciate the beautiful message!! One Direction Pregnant I Love One Direction One Direction Imagines One Direction Humor 0ne Direction Niall Horan Imagines Cute Imagines Louis Tomlinson Random Things Niall Horan Imagine>> this one hit me right in the feels. {block:Sons of Anarchy Imagines you became pregnant with a little girl named Luna after your mom. But anyhow, let me jump through my writer’s block and I’ll do my best to continue it. Send me requests for any of the things listed in my 'Themes'. Hi everyone! This is my new kpop account where I’ll be posting various things (memes, reactions, drabbles, MTLs, etc) of and about kpop.

“2 days,” he tells me, sadness in his voice, “You’re lucky…he was aiming to kill you. All posts (unless reblogged and/or tagged otherwise) are made by one of us: two dumb EXO-Ls who think they're the funniest people in the world. ” Gasps ripples through the faces of the room. But when a mystery comes up and you go to find out the truth, it’s only natural that My mom told me when she was pregnant with me I didn’t want to leave. 86: What is your phone background? my lock screen is a silly selfie two of my friends took, and my home screen is my sisters + like 10 cousins at a lake last summer :) Thanks for asking! It’d started when you were still pregnant, your belly barely popped yet.

Hope you both enjoy it (btw sorry I keep skipping around my list but some imagines are easy to write then others so I tend to skip around when I hit writers block on one) Gif imagine requested by: Anonymous Longer imagine requested by: @alphaallie Request- Imagine Bucky hurting you after going into winter soldier mode right before you were about to tell him you’re pregnant and him finding out after he snaps out of it. “I’m gonna see how tall I can get it, and I’ll catch you if you slip” He just stood there patiently as you managed to get the block built up so it was taller than the USJ building whilst still supporting Katsuki’s weight. You groggily open your eyes, your head, and foot throbbing about an hour and a half later. let me know what you think may write more on bucky because of most of the MCU he is my fave just because he is the one that needs the most love ‘I’m pregnant,’ you admitted, the words tumbling out of your mouth before you could stop them. Again, I open the large metal door, it letting out a slight creak causing me to do a shrivel-like motion.

I wasn’t ready for a baby; A NEW FAMILY - SINGLE DAD MICHAEL IMAGINE. The letters on my quiz swam before my eyes - well, all except one. IMAGINES (COMEDY) Honeymoon - Sehun. happy birthday dear pranpriya i can’t choose the words to describe my love for you, but I really love you. ” I bit my lip as he explains what happened and how he patched me up.

i got some writer’s block- But I will complete this! how could the gorgeous girl genius be pregnant! When the two of you purchased it, Derek had made sure that it was fireproof. But I’d like to tell you all something, for the past three years my heart has been captured by this (your hair color) with (your eye color) and I have no regrets in handing her my heart. ” A Suitable Mate - Blue Beetle x Reader - Part Three Part One Part Two Requested by Anon - Jaime Reyes imagine where he saves you from a villain( you can choose who) and then they make out. I still have my journal with all the details about the rest of the series (another reason I maybe stopped writing, knowing how it finished just took the mystery away from myself!). fangirlimagines:.

Enjoy your stay my lovelies!!! “That’s not one of my creatures, those marks, this was an Obscurus. This blog is dedicated to Once Upon A Time imagines, I do all characters so don't just stick to the popular ones! To find out more, please look at my rules page. They had to do a C section because I was two weeks past the due date. warning: none a/n: i think i sort of got carried away by putting how you and ruby got together, and added more things, but enjoy! p. Thanks for the request and your nice words :) This is the fifth morning in a row Oh my gosh.

It’s one of my absolute favorite Barry fics on wattpad. “Who took my ice cream?” You ask the room, which is really just you and Boomer, your black cat, actorfanficsandimagines:. You turn your head to the side to see if this has all been a strange dream, but realizes it hasn’t as you are greeted by the large form of Frank Castle. My eyes land on an orc that has a bow and arrow and I start walking towards him. tumblr.

I’m sorry for the lack of posts. “As for you, you asshole – “ My father is now striding towards the bedroom door and without a second of though, I hurry over and block his way Anonymous whispered: This is so unfortunate. This will honestly help me a lot because I’ll be able to post whatever I want. please stay with us. Pregnant with Pan.

“Windows, please” I say. “Hold my hand so he gets jealous. this was a contest entry on DA so let that be known. Warnings: Language . Honeymoon - Chanyeol .

“Thank you, I gotta go but the front door’s unlocked, please don’t knock my parents are asleep, come up to my room. on my block imagines pregnant

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